Goodwill Connects

The Goodwill Connects Program is designed to provide at risk youth from all four local school districts with an opportunity for career exploration, job training and a summer work experience. The goal is for successful participants to have opportunities for long term employment. Local businesses have the opportunity to work with and train their future labor force in a hands-on environment. Goodwill Connects consists of three phases to help at risk youth transition from a school to entry-level positions.
 Phase I – Classroom Training and employer visits.

 Phase II– Soft Skills Training and a summer work experience.

 Phase III– Long term employment.


Key Benefits for Participants


Key Benefits for Employers


"Goodwill Connects Program offers workforce development training to help at-risk youth in Battle Creek lead successful adult lives"

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Supervisor Training
With employer input a program was designed to address generational and communication issues between supervisors and our youth.

Objective: Supervisors learn about Goodwill Connects and are able to identify key issues that affect youth and their parents living in poverty.


Program overview

Bridges out of Poverty

    What life is like now

    Hidden rules


Generational differences

Safety training

Goodwill policy & procedures





Employer/business owners have the opportunity to interact with and train their future workforce.


Supervisors commented on a post program survey that the training better prepared them to interact with participants and their employees. Thus the work experience was more positive.


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