We are proud to partner with the W.K. Kellogg Foundation (WKKF) and a diverse group of 14 community-based grantees that share a vision for helping families across the country increase workforce mobility and achieve economic security.The work being done under the STEPS Grant will help to strengthen two generations – both children and their parents – simultaneously.  Children are able to reach their full potential only when all aspects of their development – intellectual, emotional and physical – are fully supported.  When families have enough income, benefits and supports, parents will feel fully empowered and equipped to provide that support.

STEPS (Supporting Transitions to Employment for Parents)
• Quality child care that is affordable and flexible is one of the critical support services that parents need in order to succeed at work.
• The seven STEPS grantees include workforce development organizations what are leading and formally partnering with early childhood education providers for a two generation approach to identify unemployed, job-seeking mothers who already have their children enrolled in child care, pre-K programs, and elementary schools.
• The grantees will provide those mothers with access to short-term, demand-driven, sector-based workforce training, education, and wrap-around supports that can lead to quality employment in high-demand industries.
• WKKF seeks to engage workforce development organizations to plan a more active role in cultivating the potential of unemployed mothers – a demographic that plays a significant and rising role as breadwinner, yet are disproportionately employed in low-paying jobs.
• This grant seeks to provide unemployed mothers who have quality child care or are in early education settings through a partner-provider with access to job training skills and employment opportunities.
• The grand also seeks to foster other ancillary benefits that may result from the formal partnership, such as improved child outcomes and increased parenting skills and parent engagement.
• By connecting unemployed parents of young children with workforce training and employment opportunities, parents can get the skills and credentials needed for quality jobs and wages that enable them to raise their children in economically secure homes, thus improving a child’s chance for success in life.

Our grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation is part of the foundation’s $11.6 million national effort with 14 community-based workforce organizations around the country that are focused on increasing employment, workforce mobility and family economic security through a two-generation approach. When parents have enough income, benefits and supports, they can better support all aspects of their children’s development to help reach threir full potential.  These organizations are part of two new pilot studies, Supporting Transitions to Employment for Parents (STEPS) and Mobility and Opportunity for Valuable Employment by Upskilling Parents (MOVE UP).


STEPS Grantees:
1. Albany Community Action Partnership, Albany NY
2. Brighton Center Inc., Newport  KY
3. Family and Workforce Centers of America, St. Louis MO
4. Goodwill Industries of Central Michigan’s Heartland, Battle Creek MI
5. Goodwill of the Olympics and Rainier Region, Tacoma WA
6. Jane Addams Resource Corp., Chicago IL
7. United Way of Greater  Cincinnati, Cincinnati OH


For more information contact:

          Jerry Mainstone