Financial Coaching

Are you living pay check to pay check? Possibly struggling with managing your money, debts, or questions about your credit? The Financial Opportunity Center is a free source of information and offers coaching help with day to day money management or personal finances. Your session with our financial coach(es) includes a full financial assessment of income and monthly expenses, debts, and credit condition. We work with you to develop a personalized plan to achieve your financial goals. All information is kept confidential. Call 269-788-6500 to schedule an appointment.

The Financial Opportunity Center helps families become more financially secure in three critical areas: employment and/or increased wages; improved financial condition; and improved access to public benefits. Our three-pronged approach to financial stability includes working with you to find a better job; identify and apply for public benefits; and act on financial counseling by establishing a household budget and balance sheet, building credit, and making connections to mainstream financial products. The FOC utilizes a coordinated delivery of integrated services in coaching clients to achieve successful financial outcomes. You have access to a network of coaches to assess your strengths, build and create tools to establish goals, and assist you with realizing their vision for economic stability.