Job Training

Behavior Development / Work Program

This program helps consumers develop basic work skills, ethics and the opportunity to improve their self image.  Case management services are provided to individuals to assist them in learning employee responsibilities and changing inappropriate work behaviors through paid work experience and job supports. The program is primarily provided to special education students in the Jackson County Intermediate School District as they begin to transition from school to work.

Career/Job Readiness Program

Program assists those who are determined to have the potential to secure and sustain competitive employment, though need some time to work on skills before that can become a reality.  Often these individuals have limited work histories or who have had one or more recent life experiences such as physical injury or cognitive illnesses that make it difficult to readjust to work. 

Job Coaching Program

Job Coaching may be assigned to provide necessary on-the-job training to sustain recent employment. Job coaching responsibilities include guidance for specific job duties, daily assessments, job/task analysis, environmental modifications, job training, and systematic instruction. 

On-the-Job Training/Internship (OJT) Program

This is an internship based program in which the potential employer may be uncertain if the job seeker is the correct match for the job. This program provides 20 – 40 hours of paid on-the-job training for participants that are in the Job Placement Program and that permanent placement is probable if the job seeker successfully completes the OJT/Internship.

Work Experience

Paid on the job assessment. Individual is not required to be a Social Security recipient. Individualized plan development, individualized job site development within a Goodwill retail store or production facility. With the purpose of evaluating demonstrated on-the-job behavioral skills, soft skills. Vocational skill assessment, 1:1 training, and case management. Program manager provides a written report with recommendations.

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Meet Tanesha

Tanesha came to Goodwill through the WIA program in April of 2011 transitioning to the Summer Youth Program working as our front desk receptionist. In seven short months Tanesha was hired to be our fulltime front desk receptionist.   Tanesha transitioned to the Human Resources Department in addition to attending classes at KCC.  She obtained her degree in business and now works in Human Resources at a nearby manufacturing company.  Way to go Tanesha!!