Testimonial 1

This summer job meant a lot of things to me. It meant money for some of the things I wanted to buy at the time. It also meant something to do other than sitting around my house, but to me it meant something way bigger. This summer job was at first a ceiling, something I could look up to and see where I was going and what I had to do to get there. Now this summer job has become a floor to a new level. Something I can plant my feet on. It has given me all kinds of experience that I need to be a surviving member of today’s work force. Not only the work force, but the work force and environment which I want to work. I loved coming into work every day to learn all types of new things that I did not know before. This job has meant so much to me and I cannot begin to fully show my appreciation to Goodwill, Hi-Lex and all of its workers that take time out of their lives to help me achieve in life to the fullest of my abilities. This job is my first step into my life.